Dan Kaufman- Badass for hire
"if there is a problem- yo, i'll solve it.
check out this hook while my js resolves it."

i began my foray into digital media in 1993 in the form of digital video editing, graphic animation, and film conversion.

in 1997 i opened a program called dreamweaver (beta) for the first time and built my first website. i have been involved in some form of development and/or design ever since. i like to think i combine clean, simple interfaces with just the right level of functionality.

i possess the uncanny ability to turn coffee and enchiladas into web, mobile, and desktop applications, sites, widgets, plug-ins and doo-dads. i write primarily in html5, javascript/jquery, css, php, and mysql. i use libraries like phonegap and cordova to develop mobile and tablet applications. i use libraries like node-webkit to expand and package web apps to desktop applications.

thank you for taking time to check out my meager online presence. please feel free to contact me. i always welcome questions, feedback, and suggestions.

view a pdf of my resume

Sequoia is a complete training managment package, custom written for a non-profit agency with over 700 employees.

  • Features:
  • Scheduling calendar GUI
  • Course information management
  • Employee profile
  • Complete training history and demographics
  • Real-time email and text/sms notifications
  • Messaging center
  • Employee self-management interface
  • Predictive search engine


iBook and Mac Dashboard Widgets
Custom Widgets Built with Web Languages

I use web languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and server-side languages like PHP and MySQL to write custom data-driven quick widgets for the Mac OS Dashboard and custom widgets for iBooks.

  • Examples:
  • Training Course Survey iBook Widget
  • Training Competency Quiz iBook Widget
  • Quick-look Employee Directory and Messaging System Dashboard Widget
  • Interactive HTML5 Game iBook Widget
  • Quick-look Network-based Document Library

Web, Desktop and iOS Applications
Custom Applications Built with Web Languages

I use web languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and server-side languages like PHP and MySQL to write custom data-driven applications for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and/or Android devices. I am also in the process of developing iOS and web applications that focus on the needs and usability of people with disabilities.

  • Examples:
  • Routes- Smart route planning application with visual and aural reminders
  • VisCal- Visual schedule and week planning application with visual, aural and push notifications
  • FlashCard- A build-your-own flashcard iOS application that incorporates the users pictures and captions for item identification
  • UID- Custom-built unique ID generation software. Creates a UID based on a number of variables entered by the user
  • eSign- Electronic signature capturing software that utilizes touch-screen technology for a 'real' signature, then converts said signature to a jSON string for later reuse.

Kaufman Farms
Corrales, New Mexico

A microfarm located in the historic farming village of Corrales, New Mexico that specializes in organic pesticide and fertilizer-free produce, botanical oddities and handmade soaps, salves and mustache wax.

  • Services:
  • Full Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Website
  • Online store and eCommerce via PayPal
  • Packaging Design and Labeling
  • Farming and hen-raising

Mi Querencia Casitas and Healing Garden
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico

Mi Querencia Casitas is a BnB tucked deeply into the heart of the Rio Grande Valley. The Healing Garden was manned by volunteers and donated a minimum of 50% of all food grown to local food pantries.

  • Services:
  • Full Branding
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Promotional Materials
  • Presentation Materials
  • Grower

Mjölnir Development
Corrales, New Mexico

A family development company specializing in providing small to medium-sized businesses with data-driven, built to spec desktop, web, and iOS applications. Mjölnir also provides consulting services, budget-friendly server setups and infrastructure solutions.

  • Services:
  • Full Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Website (work in progress)
  • Development

Other Stuff
Other Stuff I've Done

In every job I've ever had I always had to assume the role of one-man-band. As such, I've done a lot of random stuff over the years.

  • Some Examples:
  • I'm a 3 time Emmy-nominated digital video editor
  • I can edit video, master audio, author and code DVDs, and do graphics and animation
  • I was Production Supervisor/Assistant Farm Manager on an organic farm for 4 years
  • I've made quite a few digital paintings and other artwork
  • I've been in the digital media business since I was 16 (currently 38)
  • I've been using Apple computers since 6th grade
  • i live in new mexico, have a wonderful family, am obsessed with star trek, classical music, harry potter, thor comics, and many other things that are awesome
  • oh yeah, i also know a whole heck of a lot about organic farming and produce growing